NFT Staking

Stake your highly sought-after Satoshi NFT to unlock daily ERN rewards.

Satoshi Genesis NFT
Satoshi Genesis NFT

An homage to the mysterious genius that started it all, Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the mastermind who developed Bitcoin, authored the Bitcoin whitepaper, and ignited a blockchain revolution.

Stake your NFT and earn ERN
Each staked Satoshi NFT can claim 10 ERN tokens per day for 365 days total. Each staked NFT will earn a total of 3,650 ERN in rewards. Rewards are credited once every 24 hours.
ERN Claimable
Total ERN Claimed
Remaining ERN to unlock
Daily Staking Rewards
10 ERN
Total Staking Duration
365 Days
Total Rewards Per NFT
3,650 ERN